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The Kadar Group provides lead generation and appointment setting services to Software and technology vendors.

The Group's expertise lies in providing leads and setting appointments for select software products and services that address Enterprise Administration and Processing needs in several vertical markets with a focus on the Property and Casualty and Life Insurance industry. We also consult with Insurance carriers that are conducting searches for Enterprise Systems with which to run their businesses.

The Kadar Group performs comprehensive analysis with the vendors and products to be considered for its lead generation services. Upon completion, we work collaboratively with that vendor to help define effective strategies for setting appointmetns, lead generation, and sales to interested and qualified buyers. The end result is a process tailored to achieve success for our vendor clients and their ultimate customers.

The Kadar Group’s highly-focused lead generation services have benefited many vendor organizations:

  • improving sales successes in very competitive marketplaces.
  • increasing the sales pipeline
  • overcoming the budget constraints of having to hire full time sales and marketing professionals.

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