Our Value Proposition

As a software or services vendor, you have a business mandate to distinguish your products and service offerings from the many others offered by your competitors. You also look for the audience that can benefit the most from what you have to offer.

Furthermore, it is important to identify prospective buyers who are qualified and really engaged in a decision-making process. Hence, you will not be spending precious dollars chasing non-productive leads and distracting you from those things that will provide long-term benefit.

This is where The Kadar Group can help you the most. We use our expertise in lead generation to make you stand out from the crowd. Further, with our ability to set appointments we can identify the few serious business buyers from the many casual inquirers. This approach enables you to focus your time and sales resources on the most promising opportunities.

In short, The Kadar Group can put you in the right place, in front of the right people with the right value proposition at the right time. We believe this to be the key to success in the very competitive Financial Services marketplace. This is our value proposition to you.

We bring benefits to a relationship with you by:
  • Having a focused approach executed by experienced and successful sales, marketing and industry professionals.
  • Engaging in prospecting efforts that yield real opportunities and maintain a full pipeline of new name, highly qualified prospects.
  • Increasing your sales activity through more appointments thereby allowing your own sales professionals to continue their current sales operations.
  • Providing experienced sales-driven business professionals who have demonstrated success in closing deals at every level of customer organizations.
  • Staffing, on an interim basis, open sales, marketing and business development positions that have resulted from personnel turnover.
  • Enabling you to explore expansion opportunities of existing and/or new markets without incurring permanent headcount-related costs.
  • Providing consultative services about our lead generation programs to senior management as a way to augment your marketing efforts.
We consider the value you gain from a relationship with us to be the key determinant in your continuing to do business with us. That's why we have put so much thought in spelling out our value proposition.