“For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but yet forfeits his soul.”
— Mark 8:36

About Us

The Kadar Group puts your company in front of the right buyers at the right time.

Lead generation services focused on results

The Kadar Group specializes in:

  • Representing your business in the best, most effective way
  • Getting your business in front of potential prospects who are ready to buy
  • Projecting a focused approach executed by experienced and successful sales appointment professionals

Company Background & Facts

The Kadar Group began operations in 2001 to provide high quality lead generation and appointment setting services to software and service vendors in a variety of industries. We’ve been instrumental in getting our clients more exposure to the marketplace and more opportunities to sell their products and services. puts your company in front of the right buyers at the right time.

Over the years we’ve played an integral role in the success of leading Insurance, Financial Services, Data Analytics, and other, service firms.

The Kadar Group

David B. Kadar


David B. Kadar has over 25 years of successful vendor representation and selling experience in the highly competitive Financial Services and Information Technology sectors. Mr. Kadar possess solid experience in selling to business functional areas as well as to the IT groups of major organizations. He has considerable expertise in the areas of software, integrated solutions and outsourcing services having worked for companies including GE, The Innovation Group and Majesco. Mr. Kadar is recognized for his ability to open doors for his clients allowing them to establish a consistent stream of leads and appointments thereby increasing sales and achieving goals.

Barb Demery

Barb has been with The Kadar Group since 2017 parlaying her experience at Jennasis & Associates to successfully scheduling high level appointments for our clients. Her knowledge of Hubspot and SalesForce has enabled her to work effectively with those sales organizations that use these content platforms to identify those hard to reach decision makers. Barb is recognized by many of our customers as an integral part of their organization.

Previously Barb worked for Jennasis and Associates, a virtual social media marketing firm and speaker placement firm based in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, from 2013!to 2016 as a sales associate for Jennasis Speaks. Her tasks included reaching out to businesses across the U.S. to explain how could help them promote their organization by giving them a platform in various cities to explain their expertise and value. Once a placement was secured, Barb would make all the arrangements for this event.

Robert Alongi

Robert, has been working with The Kadar Group since 2014 in a senior role arranging appointments for our clients using his past experience dealing with Underwriters and Wall Street investors. Robert’s ability to engage and create a rapport with a prospect within the first minute is second to none. His success with our prospects enables a lasting relationships with our vendors.

Previosly, Robert spent several years with Clayton Holdings a provider of due diligence services to capital markets. Managed a team of twenty plus underwriters and dealt with all major Wall Street investors. The company performed post-closing reviews of mortgages offered for sale. Managed a portfolio of more than 45 mortgage sellers nationwide. In the role of Transaction Manager, Robert was responsible for ensuring a smooth end-to-end process, reviewing rejected files, approving loan funding and keeping the client updated daily.

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